TRI-CONTINENTAL IS a collaborative evolution that blends the talents of three accomplished guitar players, singers and songwriters.

There are no musical boundaries present in this one-of-a-kind blues / folk / world music mélange. Formed in 2000, Tri-Continental builds on artistic respect and a deep passion for and knowledge of the blues.

Bill Bourne, Lester Quitzau and Madagascar Slim present a truly unique and critically acclaimed sound that is soulful and present, intense and atmospheric. Bourne is a grand improvisor, Quitzau kidnaps the blues taking it to new dimensions and Slim’s fascination with tradition and evolution found him on the leading edge as promoter of a new sound - the Malagasy blues.

This is clearly evident in the music they create, where sharing and curiosity leads them on fascinating musical explorations resulting in their infectious sound where blues, world, Celtic, Latin, folk and African rhythms fuse into one.

Photography by Bri Vos